Batteries play a vital role within your critical power system.  All batteries are not created equal.  With over 50 years of experience, we can help you with proper battery selection for your application whether you need Ni-Cd, Li-ion or Lead Acid.  Not only can we provide you with high quality batteries, but we also offer a wide variety of battery chargers, power conversion equipment, battery testers, battery monitoring systems, battery storage solutions and battery maintenance accessories to complete your system. 

Saft Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Saft Ni-Cd stationary batteries offer you the peace of mind of knowing that they will work when you need them to work, for up to 20+ years, in challenging conditions, with low maintenance.  By providing a a large choice of technologies and cell configurations as well as a complete range of low, medium and high rate characteristics, Saft can provide you a battery perfectly suited for your application. 

Backup Power  Backup Power
Backup Power

Power is absolutely vital to uninterruptible power systems (UPS), signaling systems, switching and transmission functions, emergency and security systems, industrial fire monitors and alarms, data centers, process control installations, and more.  If the primary source of power for applications such as these is suddenly unavailable, a backup system provides a temporary source of power until primary power re-engages.  But backup power is only as good as the stationary battery that enables it. 

Uptimax Ni-Cd

UptimaxSaft Uptimax Ni-Cd batteries ensure total reliability and long life - even at high temperatures.  Saft's robust
Ni-Cd technology has an established reputation for performance, reliability and a long, totally predictable, service life - with no risk of sudden death failure.  Typical power backup applications include: UPS systems, substation switchgear, process control systems, emergency lighting, fire alarms and security systems.

PDF Uptimax Data Sheet
PDF Uptimax I&O Manual
PDF Uptimax Technical Manual
PDF Uptimax MSDS Sheet

SPL+ Ni-Cd

SPL+Saft SPL+ Ni-Cd batteries are designed to guarantee the complete reliability of signaling and railroad system communication.  The SPL+ features excellent electrical performance, high resistance to electrical and mechanical abuse, 20+ year lifetime and very low maintenance (1 topping up interval over the life of the battery).  The SPL+ powers railroad trackside signals, flashers, switches, communications and other equipment over long discharge periods.

PDF SPL+ Data Sheet
PDF SPL+ I&O Manual
PDF SPL+ Battery Information Sheet
PDF SPL (Previous Version) Data Sheet
PDF SPL (Previous Version) I&O Manual

Tel.X Ni-Cd

Tel.XSaft Tel.X Ni-Cd batteries deliver exceptional reliability against unexpected outages for railroad trackside installations and substations where continuity and reliability of power supplied is critical. Tel.X batteries are especially suited for installation in tight spaces and are compatible with VRLA charging systems.

PDF Tel.X Data Sheet
PDF Tel.X I&O Manual
PDF Tel.X MSDS Sheet


SBLE, SBM, SBHSaft's SBLE, SBM & SBH Ni-Cd block batteries are designed to withstand any depth of discharge and are avaliable in a wide range of low, medium and high rate capacity types for UPS systems, switching and transmission functions, emergency and security systems, industrial fire monitors and alarms, process control installations, substation switchgear, signaling systems and more.

PDF SBLE, SBM, SBH Technical Manual

Starting  Starting
Generator Starting

Cranking up an emergency generator engine or switching on heaters, pumps or other equipment requires batteries that are very reliable, offer high discharge capabilities and function properly in extreme temperatures.  Saft batteries recover their voltage instantaneously, making them the ideal choice for starting applications. 


SPHSaft SPH Ni-Cd batteries are low maintenance batteries intended for applications that have frequent or infrequent discharges such as engine starting and power back-up. The SPH batteries are an ideal alternative to VRLA batteries.

PDF SPH Data Sheet
PDF SPH I&O Manual
PDF SPH Technical Manual

Cycling  Cycling
Solar (Cycling)

Faced with complex charge/discharge cycling patterns imposed by the unpredictability of the weather, the high cycling capabilities of Saft battery systems provide reliable power for solar and other stand-alone sites, even in remote locations and harsh environments. Ni-Cd is the perfect solution for remote installations that rely on various sources of power generation, such as solar panels, wind-turbines and diesel generators, used under the most difficult environmental conditions for long life performance and very low maintenance. 

PDF Data Sheet
PDF I&O Manual
PDF Technical Manual

Saft Li-Ion Batteries

Saft Li-Ion stationary batteries are the latest revolutionary solution from the world leader in high technology batteries.  Building upon the successful foundation of their other battery offerings, the Saft Li-Ion portfolio is designed to suit the various power and energy requirements of a wide range of stationary backup applications like UPS and telecom. 


- High power capability both in charge and discharge
- Excellent cycling capability
- High round-trip efficiency (better than 95%)
- High charge retention
- Long floating life (20 years)
- Maintenance-free and self-diagnosing
- Lower environmental footprint than other technologies

Intensium® Flex

High Power and Medium Power Performance for UPS Systems

Intensium® Flex has been designed to suit the various power and energy requirements of a wide range of stationary backup applications, including high power UPS and DC power installations in confined spaces. 

Li-IonIntegrated System

Intensium® Flex integrates battery management, temperature management and safety functions, as well as power management and power conversion, within a stand-alone rack-mountable battery system.  

PDF Intensium® Flex Data Sheet
PDF Synerion® 24M (Medium Power) Data Sheet
PDF Synerion® 24E (High Power) Data Sheet
PDF Synerion® 24P (High Power) Data Sheet
PDF Synerion® 48P (High Power) Data Sheet
PDF Intensium® Flex Battery Management Module Data Sheet


Ultra-Compact Solution for Telecom

Evolion® offers a unique combination of floating capability and high cycling performance for telecom applications - no matter whether your equipment is inside or outside, on-grid or off-grid, in a hot place or a cold one, in a nearby site or a remote location, on existing installations or new applications.  Evolion

Big Benefits in a Small Package

PDF Evolion® Data Sheet
PDF Evolion® I&O Manual
PDF Evolion® Technical Manual

Eternacell Lead Acid Batteries

Eternacell vented lead-acid batteries feature lead-selenium alloy grids and pasted plate construction for mechanical and electrical robustness.  This product portfolio is capable of delivering the necessary performance to meet the most demanding loads, with a capacity range from 52Ah to 2000Ah. 



VRLAEternacell's Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are an outstanding standby power source for applications requiring high-rate discharges from a small footprint design.  VRLA batteries service as a reliable backup or emergency power supply for running critical process control, industrial and utility equipment when power fails including emergency lighting systems, turbines and DC controls, and UPS systems.  The perfect environment for VRLA batteries is moderate, consistent temperatures and dry conditions.  All Eternacell VRLA batteries are produced from quality components using manufacturing processes certified to ISO 9001.
PDF VRLA Data Sheet


LSeEternacell's LSe range of single-cell, lead-selenium products combines the reliability of lead-antimony with the low maintenance of lead-calcium technologies.  Available from 115Ah to 2000Ah, the LSe provides a cost effective solution for your vented (wet) lead-acid battery needs.  Some of the virtues of the design include: long-life with maximum reliability; improved charge efficiency; stable float charge characteristics; good deep discharge capability (>1000 cycles); excellent high-rate performance; very little positive plate growth; and extended topping-up intervals
PDF LSe Data Sheet
PDF LSe Operating Manual


BLSeEternacell's BLSe product range, a.k.a. (Block), delivers the same reliability as the LSe range and is available in 6V and 12V multi-cell jars.  The BLSe is an ideal solution where space is at a premium.  With fewer connections than conventional single cell products, the multi-cell jar design allows for cost savings to be made during installation.  Voltage and ohmic measurements of each cell are achieved through discrete access points in the insulation covers.  External intercell connections allow removal of one cell from the string without having to replace an entire block. 
PDF BLSe Data Sheet
PDF BLSe Operating Manual

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