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The Arthur N. Ulrich Company is the new Rail rep for Richcom Power, LLC in North America. Richcom Power manufactures rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and flexible chargers for two-radio communication devices with unique performance advantages and cost savings over OEM brands commonly used by railroads and transit agencies. Richcom batteries are fully compatible with virtually any OEM two-way radio (Motorola®, Kenwood®, Vertex®, Icom®, Sepura®, Eads®, Harris® and HYT®) and most existing OEM charging devices for trouble-free replacement.   

Lithium Polymer Design vs. OEMs (Ni/MH & Li-Ion)

Richcom Batteries- 2X Battery Life (950 Cycles vs. 300-400 Cycles)

- Extended Capacity for Longer Runtime

- Multiple Configurations to Meet Any Requirement

- Excellent High & Low Temperature Performance

- Lightweight, Energy-Dense Design

- 2-Year Warranty

FLEXbay Smart Battery Charger

FLEXbay Smart Battery Charger- Charges Any Radio Battery 3.7VDC to 12VDC

- Expandable - Single Bay (1) or up to Six Bays (6)

- Mix & Match - Charges Different Battery Voltages & Models

- Smallest Footprint Charger Available

- Automatically Detects Battery Model & Chemistry

- Multi-Chemistry - Li-Ion, Li-Poly, Ni/MH and Ni/Cd

- Short Detection, Temp. Monitoring w/Current Limiting

- 2-Year Warranty

More Information & Pricing?

Richcom's lithium polymer batteries give you significantly improved performance and cost savings over OEMs.  It's as simple as providing us with your existing - 

1) Radio Model #

2) Battery Model #

3) Battery Capacity

We look forward to helping you save money on your two-way radio batteries!

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