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La Marche Manufacturing Co., has been serving the material handling industry for nearly 70 years with high quality, rugged & dependable battery chargers.  La Marche offers industrial motive power battery chargers in four different technologies: including Ferroresonant, Controlled Magnetic Amplifier (Mag-Amp), Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) and High-Frequency (Switchmode).  Each technology has feature/cost advantages which can serve many battery/equipment requirements.

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Battery Chargers

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Rep Territories: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania

La Marche A39 Universal Charger


The La Marche A39 universal SCR battery charger is designed to provide the battery charging flexibility desired for maintenance shops and other locations with various charging requirements.

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La Marche A70B Battery Charger


The La Marche A70B industrial battery charger uses SCR technology and provides dependable and precise battery charging with easy to use, selectable and preprogrammed functions, while withstanding even the toughest outdoor conditions. 

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La Marche A70MD Battery Charger


The La Marche A70MD material handling battery charger utilizes microprocessor controlled SCR charging technology and feature a VFD display that is bright with clear contrast making the A70MD the ideal charger for applications with difficult lighting conditions. 

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La Marche A45E Battery Chargers


The La Marche A45E industrial battery charger uses robust Magnetic Amplifier (Mag-Amp) for the utmost reliability.  With only 13 components, the A45E's simplicity eliminates performance and maintenance headaches.  The A45E is built to meet OSHA requirements. 

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