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Thousands invested on power backup systems,  batteries checked on schedule...but the power is out and so is your operation.  What are the odds you'll experience this scenario?  BTECH says chances are much greater than you think, because your backup power system relies on simple yet sometimes unpredictable backup batteries in order to operate. Overloaded utilities, anomolies in the power grid, extreme weather conditions are major concerns for business contingence planners.  A BTECH battery monitoring system can help protect your from battery failures and improve your chances of avoiding catastrophic failure during a power outage. 

S5 Product Overview

S5 Battery Monitoring SystemBTECH's fifth generation Battery Monitoring and Validation system has been designed with the latest digital processing technology. The new S5 series has built upon the advanced technology proven from older generations and improved it with greater sensitivity and data reliability.  BTECH's S5 Series Battery Monitoring and Validation System has been designed specifically for UPS battery cabinets, switchgear and telecom applications.  It's patented and proven impedance measurement technology finds bad batteries well before they pose a risk to your critical system.  Plus, with battery sensing harnesses pre-designed and tested to your specific cabinet, installation time is cut in half while increasing system reliability.

S5 Battery Monitoring System (UPS)Product Support

PDF S5-UPS Cabinets (VRLA) Data Sheet
PDF S5-UPS Flooded (Wet) Cells Data Sheet
PDF S5-Switchgear (120/250V) Data Sheet
PDF S5-Telecom (48V) Data Sheet
PDF S5 Installation Manual
PDF S5 Operation & Software Manual

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