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All-In-One SolutionAre power quality problems causing unexpected downtime, escalating repair and maintenance costs, lost production and unwanted events at your facility?  In order to ensure that your facility is operational 24/7 and free of power quality issues, a phaseback solution from Applied Energy should be utilized.

Applied Energy, LLC is a total power quality solutions provider.  In 2002, following several years of development and testing - "Phaseback", a new and innovative approach came to market to solving transient voltage harmonic mitigation and phase voltage balance problems.  


- Industrial Controls
- Power Stations & Plants
- Wastewater Treatment Plants
- Oil & Gas
- Onshore & Offshore Platforms
- Solar & Wind Farms
- Communications
- Chemical Companies
- Automotive Manufacturing
- Aerospace
- Workboats & Vessels
- LED Surge Protection


PhasebackPhaseback is a revolutionary EMTVSS device that serves as a Surge Suppressor, Voltage Regulator and Harmonic Filter, without the need for MOVs. The patented Electromagnetic Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor makes instant corrections to any phase that it out of balance, and protects against any sized power surge in all power systems up to 230V


- Voltage Stabilization & Balancing
- Transient & Arc Fault Damage Elimination
- Arc Flash Mitigation
- Harmonic Reduction
- Harmonic Cancellation
- Reduction in Energy Consumption
- Extended Motor Life
- Extended Distance between Drive and Motor
- Transient elimination from the Drive

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